About This Site

About this Web Site


Welcome to the new Riverside Bible Church web site.  This site is designed primarily to provide searchable access to Bible studies as they were recorded live at the church. Feel free to peruse the site and listen or download any study that you may want as you study the Word of God with us.

There are over 4000 studies in the library featuring several speakers covering every book of the Word of God. Most studies are recorded live in verse be verse fashion in open discussion format. Every book of the New Testament is taught verse by verse except the book of Mark and many books of the Old Testament likewise are taught verse by verse. There is an Old Testament and New Testament survey series that deal with every book as well as topical studies such as Basic Bible Doctrines, prayer and Biblical Theology.  The studies are searchable by Speaker, by Series, by Book, by Topic and by Passage.

A series is a group of studies by one speaker usually covering one book of the Bible.  It typically is identified by the Book name followed by the year in which it began.  For instance, the Book of Colossians was studied on two different occasions by two speakers and was identified by Colossians_1985 and Colossians_2017.  Special series are identified with the description of the study such as Basic Bible Doctrines 3, Basic Bible Doctrines 1, Prayer or Old Testament Survey 1973.


Searching the library can be a bit confusing so here’s a word about the search capabilities and options.  All search results will be presented by date preached with the most recent study presented first.

  1. There is a ‘Search Sermons’ search box in the upper right corner of the home page that provides passage search capabilities. As you begin typing a passage, a list of possible matches to your inquiry will be displayed with an option to display more results.  The page presents all studies that are identified with that passage regardless of speaker, series or book.  Note that this is a global search.  The entire web site is searched, not just Bible Studies.
  2. There is a Scripture Passage search on the Bible Studies page that will only search Studies. Click the Bible Studies page and use this search to select only studies on that passage.
  3. More search options are listed on the Bible Studies page below the passage search as: Series, Speaker, Topics and Books. This is where searching can be a bit confusing.
  4. One simple option is to search by Book on the Bible Studies page. This option presents all books of the Bible alphabetized by Book with the numbered books listed first.  The resulting search will be all studies by all speakers covering all series.  Subsequent searches by book can then be made.
  5. Another simple option is to search by Topic on the Bible Studies page. This is where the confusion begins.  You cannot immediately switch between any of the search options (except Speaker) without refreshing the page.  This is accomplished by re-selecting Bible Studies from the menu at the top or bottom of the page. Once the Bible Studies page is refreshed you can select another option.
  6. The Topic option presents an alphabetized list of topics as they were captured over the years from both verse-by-verse studies and from topical studies such as the Basic Bible series. The resulting search will be all studies by all speakers covering all series where the topic has been discussed.  Subsequent searches by Topic can then be made.
  7. The Series option works the same as the Topic and Book option. After the Sermon page is refreshed and once selected, the page presents all Bible study Series alphabetized by Series name beginning with numbered series.  The resulting search will be all studies for the selected Series.
  8. The Speaker option works differently. After the Bible Studies page is refreshed and speaker is selected, a list of speakers is presented.  After selecting a speaker, up to 250 sermons for that speaker is presented.  In most cases this is unacceptable.  Now you can select by Series, Topic or by Book without refreshing the page.  This allows you to further narrow your search by that speaker.

Recording Quality

We apologize for the quality of many of the old recordings.  They were recorded on early technology often with outside interference and with inferior equipment noise.  We have spent many hours digitizing those old tape recordings and have attempted to repair the noises and tape distortions.  Much work still needs to be done and we will continue to work on them as time and skills become available.  Click here to notify us of any recording that you may be particularly interested in that needs to be repaired.  We will make an effort to make the repair, get back with you and republish them.

Available Recordings

Over the years we have distributed thousands of cassette tapes and CDs.  The web site has replaced that method of broadcasting these studies.  However, recording of any of the messages on this site are available in Wave or MP3 format on CD or DVD.  We make them available free of charge to anyone requesting them.  Click here to contact us regarding your needs.  We will be happy to discuss your needs and provide customized recordings to anyone who wants copies.